LA Review of Books : Lee Konstantinou

November 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

We conducted this interview over email last month (as the inserted images probably make clear).

In bold defiance of the LARB tradition of having an absentee interviewer, I present the questions that inspired these responses, though, in the hopes of pre-disorienting the reader, detached from the provided answers.

1. Was there a time when you decided to dedicate yourself to writing?

2. You’ve said that you decided in the late 1990s to write ten novels each in a single voice — an antidote to the complexities posed by The Last Samurai. Lightning Rods was one of those novels. What were the other nine? What voices did they feature? What state of completion are they in?

3. Did writing a book about male sexual obsession pose special challenges? Were you sympathetic to Joe’s sexual fantasy life? Did you find it hard to understand why he might be attracted to the sorts of acts he found appealing?

the rest here

Lee Konstantinou’s review of Lightning Rods here

Scott Esposito’s review here

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